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"Click aqui" or "Pulse aqui" for our collection of Spanish/Latin music links to radio stations.  Listen to Spanish music while you browse through this site at these links.  A mix of popular and traditional.



The Albuquerque reunion was terrific!  Muchas Gracias to our hard working reunion committee, class coordinators - Janice and Jill - Jan and her husband for hosting us at their beautiful home in the foothills for a class dinner, and to Doug for the terrific tapas party he staged.  And finally, thank you to everyone who came and made it a complete success!



        Welcome to a website posted to stir up old memories, get old MHS classmates, faculty, family, friends, and other Madrileno(a)s in touch with one another, and hopefully stimulate interest in attending our reunions - The most recent reunion was held in Albuquerque, August 4-7, 2011.  The next one will be Thursday, July 10 through Sunday, July 13, 2014, our 50th anniversary, at the Sheraton Premier Tyson's Corner, Virginia, in the Northern Virginia DC suburbs.  Click here for the Reunion 2014 page.  


        Please consider joining our message board and updating the Madrid '64 group on your whereabouts/latest news.  Please email me with any comments or suggestions.  


        A special word of thanks to all MHS alumni who have sent photos, images of memorabilia, and who have otherwise helped with this website. -- Tom Brennan


New on the site:




September 2008:  Doug N. sent some pics of Royal Oaks, the base, and Retiro Park "Circus World" movie sets.  Click Here, Here, and Here.


September 2008:  Ann's online photo albums of the 1996 Nashville and 1999 Scottsdale Reunions - Click Here and Here.


August 2008:  Pictures of Sacramento 2008 Reunion -- Click Here.


September 2007:  "Welcome to Madrid" publication from the US Embassy Madrid - Click Here to Download (a pdf file).


September 2007:  Lindy, Carole, and Janice mini-reunion in NYC -- Mini-Reunion Page.


June 2007:  Link to great Torrejon AFB site maintained by a retired USAF member -- Click Here.




    To contact the M/THS Alumni Association 1964 Class Coordinators, email:

  Janice LaRue.


To join the Madrid/Torrejon High School Association, fill out the form linked below and send it to:


M/THS High School Association P.O. Box 3177 Tampa FL 33601


Link to Association Membership Form


        Our hardworking association executive director, or one of the other volunteers, will respond with the forms needed to join.  Annual dues are minimal and the benefits are many including periodic reunions, newsletters and an annual directory of all members.


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When thou art at Rome, do as they do at Rome.

-- Miguel de Cervantes


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