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Members of MHS Class of 64 Who Attended the 2014 Reunion


Class_Photo_Reunion_2014.jpg (619959 bytes)

The Class of 64, 50th Anniversary

Of a class of 118, we had over 30 classmates make it to this reunion!  Not all attending made it to the class photo session.

Front Row:  Roger H, Gary M, Lester A, Greg M

Second Row:  Tommie F, Judy C, Hugh B, Jill B, Diane S, Mary R

Third Row:  Robert B, Linda F, Vicki E, Cheryl M, Lee Ann W, Sam S, Jackie B, Wendie W

Top Row:  Skip A, George U, Rick C, Lindy R, Tom B, Ann P, Floyd R, Jon O, Sally W.


Check back to see pictures and a new link for this reunion.  If you have photos you would like to display on the site, email them to me at this link and I'll start working on them.





EL GRANDE 2014 Comes to the Nation’s Capital Region

(Copied from the website)

Mark your calendars!  El Grande 2014 will be held Thursday, July 10 through Sunday, July 13, 2014, in Fairfax County, Virginia!  A site has been selected about 15 minutes from Dulles International Airport and the Reunion Committee is working with local Knights to make the next reunion a memorable one.  Watch this Webpage for more details, including plans for online registration – a first for our event.  The Reunion Committee has openings to assist with planning this and future reunions.  Please contact the chair using this link  reunion committee if you are interested in serving in any of the following capacities:

Public Relations/Publicity: Are you well connected and love to write? A schoolmate with professional public relations and media experience is needed to promote the association’s reunions nationwide and assist with the preparation of electronic and print materials.

Transportation:  Are you particularly adept at coordinating transportation logistics wherever you may find yourself?  If so, your help is needed to gather intelligence and assess transportation options at each reunion site!

Photography:  Know a good picture when you see one?  A schoolmate with professional photography experience is needed to assist the reunion committee chair with soliciting and evaluating vendor proposals for our class and group photography.

Activities:  Know how to get people talking to each other?  Your help is needed to make sure that everyone attending our reunions gets in on the action! We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in Virginia!

Thanks for your support!

Respondia “Dia” Sanford Poole ’75-76 2014 Reunion Committee Chair


    To contact the M/THS Alumni Association 1964 Class Coordinators, email:

  Janice LaRue.


To join the Madrid/Torrejon High School Association, fill out the form linked below and send it to:


M/THS High School Association P.O. Box 3177 Tampa FL 33601


Link to Association Membership Form



Reagan National Airport and Baltimore-Washington International Airport are more distant from the Sheraton than Dulles, but limo services to Tyson's Corner are readily available.  If the Silver Line is completed on time, you should be able to take the Metro from Reagan National Airport directly to the Sheraton, starting on the Blue Line, transferring to the Orange Line at Rosslyn, and then to the Silver Line at East Falls Church.  It's much cheaper than a limo ride but maybe a little slower.  If you arrive mid-late afternoon/early evening, you'll have to deal with rush hour crowds that will be going the same direction you are from Reagan National Airport so plan on possible delays.  Bring greenbacks so you can purchase a Metro ticket at the automated kiosks.  I don't think the Silver Line all the way to and from Dulles will be completed in time to take the Metro from Dulles, but a cab or limo ride is a straight shot to the hotel on the Dulles Access Road.

(You had better double check this set of directions, however.  The last time I tried to coordinate transportation was at the Sacramento Reunion.  Lindy and her husband offered to give me a ride from the airport to the reunion.  We spent about 20 minutes on our cell phones trying to locate each other in the airport only to realize that I was at the Sacramento Airport and they were at the San Francisco airport :-)

Washington Metro System Map - The Silver Line, which will have a stop across the street from the hotel, is scheduled to be completed by reunion time.

Metro Home Page:

According to the Metro website, we're all (groan) eligible for a discounted senior "SmarTrip Card," which provides fares at a discount.  Here's a link to purchasing one of those:

If the link above doesn't work, download a Metro map at this link (.pdf file).


Below is a list of locations where you can purchase senior cards:

Metro Line Commuter Stores in Virginia

I think the Crystal City store is the nearest to Reagan National Airport.  You will have to disembark and reboard after you buy the card.

The Commuter Store at Crystal City Underground Mall
1615-B Crystal Square Arcade
Arlington, VA 22202
Weekdays 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Ballston below is one stop before you have to switch from the Orange Line to the Silver Line.

The Commuter Store at Ballston
Ballston Metrorail Station
Beside the escalators at station entrance
Arlington, VA 22203
Weekdays 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Rosslyn Center below is where you will have to switch from the Blue Line to the Orange line so it may be more convenient to buy your card here.

The Commuter Store at Rosslyn Center, Mall Level 2
1700 N. Moore Street Mall Level 2, Suite 235
Arlington, VA 22209
Weekdays 7 a.m.- 7 p.m.

The Tyson's-West Park station below, I believe, is one or two stops beyond the stop for the Sheraton.

Connector Store at Tysons-West Park Transit Station
8300 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, VA 22102
Monday - Thursday 6:30am - 6:00pm. Friday 10:00am - 6:00pm. Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Pictures from Google Earth to give you an idea of the reunion location.

PS:  8338 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA, is the location of the nearest Virginia ABC store.  Beer and wine can be purchased in grocery and other food and drug stores, but liquor must be purchased through these state stores in Virginia.

Dulles Airport and Sheraton.  

Sheraton in relation to the District of Columbia.

If you arrive at Reagan National Airport, as you come out of the Pentagon tunnel on the Metro Rail Line, or if you take a limo, as you get in the vicinity of the Pentagon, look to the west for views of the new USAF memorial, just to the west of the Pentagon, above it on a hill.

Here is a link to it:

It's hard to miss.  It's main feature is a recreation of the famous Thunderbirds' "starburst" maneuver featuring three massive stainless steel curved columns rising 270 feet above the landscape.

If you haven't been to DC before, your head is likely to be on a swivel as you move through that area because virtually everywhere you look, you'll be seeing some of the prominent DC landmarks, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the Capitol Dome, the entrance to Arlington National Cemetery, and possibly the Iwo Jima Memorial, just to the north of Arlington.

If you have a good window seat on your flight, and if the weather is clear, you will probably get some great views of the city as your flight approaches Reagan National Airport.


Manassas National Battlefield Park - About 30 miles from the Sheraton.

Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg, WV, about 60 miles from the Sheraton.

Gettysburg Battlefield about 80 miles from the Sheraton.

Harpers Ferry about 50 miles from the Sheraton.

George Washington's home, Mount Vernon, relative to the Sheraton.


Tyson's Corner which has a (giant) shopping mall, where the reunion will be held:

Northern Virginia and the DC area have far more tourist attractions and historical sites than you can pack into the few short days of the reunion, but if you are interested in some truly unique sites, here are links to a few of them:

Manassas National Battlefield Park (Where the First and Second Battles of Bull Run were fought - First and Second Battles of Manassas if you are from the South:

Civil War battlefields within a 30 minute -2 hour drive of DC:


If you have suggestions for links, send them to me at this link.


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