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More pictures to follow.  Email any photos you would like posted.  If you cannot email them as file attachments, email me at this link for my address and send the photos to me.  I will scan them and return your originals ASAP.


Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures.


We had a wonderful time at the reunion.  The reunion committee deserves a lot of credit for all their hard work in making these get-togethers so much fun.  As usual, it went by far too fast.  More than once, people could be heard talking about how important this extended family is to us all.  As one of our reunion committee members said at the Saturday evening dinner, these reunions are the most enjoyable group therapy sessions we could ever find.  The next reunion cannot come soon enough.  Thanks to all of you for coming, and to those who couldn't make it, we hope you get to the next one - we missed you.


Class Photo - Dallas 2002 - A grand total of 26, one of the largest turnouts ever!  (Photo enhanced as much as possible to show those who were obscured by shadows).


MHS64DALLAS2002 Class Photo B.jpg (195458 bytes)

Front Row:  Diane, Tommie, Pam, Jill, Mary
Second Row:  Janice, Pat, Terri, Linda, Sam, Jo, Marty, Wendie, Ann, Lester
Back Row:  John, Bob, Hugh, Tom, Skip, Ned, Bud, Gary, Ginny, Doug, Jim


View all the class photos and individual photos taken at the reunion at the Artisan Media website.


We didn't vote, but it is a safe bet that Marty would have topped the ballot for the '64 alum who had the most fun at the reunion.  Did Marty ever quit smiling?


MartyHPaulW.jpg (37370 bytes)    Marty - Dinner.jpg (29528 bytes)    Ann, Marty, Lisa - Dinner.jpg (28742 bytes)

Mary & Paul circa 1962 - Marty 2002 - Ann, Marty (with his contagious smile), and Lisa


WonderfulWilsonWomen.jpg (37146 bytes)    CrashingSam&Tommie'sRoom 1.jpg (49887 bytes)    CrashingSam&Tommie'sRoom 2.jpg (40296 bytes)    CrashingSam&Tommie'sRoom 3.jpg (43849 bytes)

Joanne & the Wonderful Wilson Women - Crashing Sam & Tommie's room - How many MHS'ers can you get on a bed? - Bob, Flip & Tommie.


Lester&DonHotelLobby.jpg (30708 bytes)    TheClothedMaya.jpg (36402 bytes)    BudDonnaGaryLobby.jpg (55875 bytes)

Lester & DD in the lobby - Hey Sailor! La Maja Vestida (or "The Clothed Maja") - Bud, Donna, and Gary in the lobby.


AMindIsATerribleThingToWaste.jpg (18644 bytes)

Tom around midnight at the dance - A mind is a terrible thing to waste!


Hot Texas Knights 2002 on-Site Events and Activities




Dinner on your own - The Class of 64 (along with lots of people from other classes had a great time at the Cafe Madrid somewhere over on the other side of Dallas guzzling sangria, Mexican beer, and partaking of muchas tapas)


Opening Teen Club Dance (And did we ever dance, and party, and dance, and party, and dance...well, you get the idea!)




Outdoor evening reception with hors d'oeuvres - The Class of 64 held its own in the hors d'oeurve war and managed to get its share of a very nice spread, some of us more than others as you will see from the pictures.  It was a pleasant evening on the banks of the canal and we all had a great time visiting.


Group photographs this evening (not Saturday!) - We all managed to convene at the right time and the results are shown above.


Teen Club Dance follows reception - (And did we ever dance, and party, and dance, and party...)




Open meeting with the Association Executive Committee - Some of us were sleeping off the aftereffects of the night before during this activity.


Unofficial MHS 64 "Do Drop In" party arranged by Jill, Janice, and Pam in their suite - It lasted longer than planned and everyone had a good time.  Lots of MHS memorabilia materialized and we spent time looking through annuals, old "Knightlines," and lots of other stuff we hadn't seen since leaving Madrid.


Evening dinner/dance in the Las Colinas Ballroom - It was the last major gathering of the reunion and we wanted it to go on as long as possible.  Advance scouts from the Class of 64 arrived early, staked out tables, and that particular era of MHS gathered in the same general area.  It was a terrific evening - the gals looked even more beautiful than they did at the proms, and the guys actually acted like adults, most of the time.  We danced until we couldn't any more and then we reconvened in the hotel lobby until the wee hours.  Marty and his very patient and understanding wife, Lisa, Junior H., and several others got together with their guitars and serenaded us all for hours (Real talent there and Lisa has a wonderful singing voice).




Plated breakfast/closing remarks:  We had to catch planes or get in our cars for the treks back to reality, but we hung around as long as possible saying our farewells.


The Dallas 2002 Reunion was held at the "Omni Mandalay Hotel, "...located on the Euro-inspired Mandalay Canal in the Las Colinas master-planned community of Irving, TX." (And not too far from a number of well-stocked liquor stores.)

Omni Mandalay

Pictures of hotel from Omni Hotels website.  Click on the picture for a larger view.

MHSBumperSticker4in.jpg (10053 bytes)                       

 Some Dallas Links

Omni Mandalay Hotel  Dallas Home Page  Dallas Visitor Information  Dallas Sights and Attractions

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

There is no love lost between us.

-- Miguel de Cervantes

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