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ACCOLADE 64 Virtual Addendum


Fotos de los Alumnos de MHS que se Tranfieron o Graduaron de Otros Colegios en el 1964

Senior Pictures of MHS 64 Alums Who Transferred and Graduated from Other Schools


        After viewing the MHS 64 yearbook at Jill, Janice, and Pam's party during the reunion, I thought about how difficult it was for those who wound up transferring to new schools for our senior year.  How special our MHS group and our circumstances as such a close group were becomes even more apparent when I meet people who arrived at MHS for only their senior year and who seem to have a stronger attachment to the school and the class than they have for schools where they spent their most of their high school days.  


        Leaving behind all those wonderful friends with whom we had become so close the last two or three years was a wrench in our young lives.  As USAF brats, we were veterans of many moves, but moving during high school, somehow, was most difficult.  I was one of the lucky ones.  I returned to Mountain Home AFB to graduate with friends I had known since the fourth grade and with whom I started high school.  Most of us were not so lucky and returned to stateside schools where they were complete strangers.


        This page is an experiment to give those of us who do not appear in the senior year annual a chance to post senior pictures as sort of a delayed addendum to the annual.  I'm open to ideas but one we might consider if we get enough input is to publish a real addendum to the 64 annual to distribute at the next reunion, or before if there is enough interest, for old friends to sign.  


        I'll start with a few pictures and subsequent schools people attended and hope that others who visit the site will send me their senior pictures, complete with captions from the yearbook.  Help me out here.


LesterShades.jpg (12748 bytes)


MHS 60-63

Sheriff McCord's School for Wayward Boys, Waldo, Florida 63-64

Bounced among several vocations including bounty hunter, Panama Canal pilot, Argentine gaucho, and talk show host before discovering the law and settling into a fulfilling life defending the oppressed.



TomSeniorPhotoMHHS.jpg (35229 bytes)


MHS 61-63

Mountain Home High School 60-61 & 63-64 (Mountain Home AFB)

Set new school record for most hours spent in detention study hall.  Kept pickup running with baling wire and chewing gum (True - that's how he fixed the fuel pump.)  Continues to entertain the illusion that he has a sense of humor.



SamFroshDuke.jpg (44705 bytes)


MHS 60-63

Carlisle High School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania (US Army War College at Carlisle Barracks) 63-64

Became noted vamp for several years enticing unsuspecting young men into dangerous situations in and around Washington, D.C. before becoming respectable and attending nursing school.



NedGLibrary.jpg (40497 bytes)


MHS 60-63

Bossier High School, Bossier City, Louisiana (Barksdale AFB) 63-64

Spent tour in Viet Nam developing the now famous "Brevity Code."  Runs successful business importing samovars.



SkipFlipHotelParty2.jpg (27387 bytes)


MHS 60-63

Cotton Mather Seminary for Ascetics and Celibates, Salem, Massachusetts 63-64

Anonymously plays golf on the senior circuit under the alias "Greg Norman."



MHS 60-63

Herman Melville Maritime Academy, Fort Schuyler, New York 63-67

Top honors in harpooning.  Lately seen squiring the likes of Sharon Stone, Cathy Ireland, and Queen Latifah to swank New York clubs.



DianeKnobKnosterHS.jpg (19368 bytes)


MHS 59-61

Santa Maria High, Santa Maria, California 61-63

Knob Noster High, Knob Noster, Missouri (Whiteman AFB) 63-64

Roamed Europe singing with a band of Tunas from Huesca 64-65.  Lately has won several sidecar races in the UK.




MHS 60-63

Scott High School? Scott AFB, Illinois 63-64 (Does anyone know the name of the high school the kids at Scott AFB attended?)

After high school toured with "Up With People," briefly lived in an ashram in Sausalito, and then became a noted genealogist.




MHS 60-63

Bossier High School, Bossier City, Louisiana (Barksdale AFB) 63-64

Appeared on several police blotters in Madrid and back in the states before the judge gave him a choice of the USAF or la carcel - he chose the former and was promoted to high rank.



RobMHS63.jpg (6754 bytes)


MHS 60-63

Princess Anne High School, Virginia Beach, Virginia 63-64

Won Virginia State high school diving championships.  First car was a '46 Packard limo purchased for $39.00.  The engine blew up on him enroute to college in Tennessee - removed plates and left it with a local garage as payment for towing it (All true).


MarkGrad1.jpg (90157 bytes)


MHS 59-63

Mercy High School Long Island, NY 63-64 



A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

-- Miguel de Cervantes


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