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"La Semana Sacramental," aka "Summer Knights in Sacramento"

Members of MHS Class of 64 Who Attended the 2008 Reunion

Click on the above photo for a larger version.

Front Row - Left to right:  Gary's daughter and grandson, Christy, Mary, Vicki, Lester, Lindy, Wendie, Sherry

Second Row - Gary, Jill, Ann, Tommie, Tom, Linda, Janice

Back Row - John, Bill, Doug, Ned, Bud, Skip, Marty, Bob


First timers this year were Lindy, Christy, Doug, Randy C., and John P.  John and Randy were unable to make the Saturday night photo shoot but they appear in several on the pages featuring pictures from the reunion.



For Jill and Janice:


Again, thanks are due from our entire class plus the party crashers (welcome as always) to Jill and Janice for their reunion tradition of the "Do Drop In" event held at their room Saturday afternoon accompanied by scrumptious goodies and great sangria and wine.  Thanks again, gals, for your efforts on our behalf and the inconvenience of having the class trash your room just before the big Saturday night dinner-dance.  It was great fun, as always.



For Jeff:


This reunion was incomplete in a very melancholy way.  Jeff S. aka "El Caudillo," was unable to attend due to illness.  We would not have this association and these wonderful reunions were it not for the huge amounts of work Jeff has performed free on our behalf since the mid 1980's.  Few realize how much Jeff has contributed.  He deserved to be here but sadly is in hospital fighting serious illness.  We wish you the very best, Jeff, and pray for your speedy and full recovery.


Sad footnote:  

Sad news:  Jeff S., the President of the M/THS Alumni Association, member of the Class of 1963, Princeton undergraduate and Stanford Law graduate, and the single most important person in the organization over the last two decades in terms of personal time spent managing it for free, annual work publishing the alumni directory that has enabled hundreds, perhaps thousands of old friends to reconnect, and much more, passed away in San Francisco, Tuesday evening, September 24, following a long illness and hospitalization.  When we learn funeral arrangements, we'll post them on the memorial page we set up for Jeff at this link.



For Marty and Lisa:


We would like to offer Marty and Lisa a special note of condolence.  Marty's Father passed away during the reunion and Marty had to leave early, a very sad situation because of the loss of his Dad and also because Marty and Lisa seem to enjoy these reunions so much.



For Bob:


We would also like to acknowledge Bob B.'s generous gift of "M" cookie cutters that were distributed to the 400+ reunion attendees.  Many thanks, Bob!






DSC00045.JPG (147795 bytes)    DSC00053.JPG (151150 bytes)    DSC00050.JPG (146520 bytes)


DSC00061.JPG (154012 bytes)    MHS_2008_reunion_Fri_Sat_Sun_Pics_79.JPG (149374 bytes)    MHS_2008_reunion_Fri_Sat_Sun_Pics_16.JPG (156186 bytes)


MHS_2008_reunion_Fri_Sat_Sun_Pics_121.JPG (154184 bytes)    2008 Reunion Sacramento - Linda dancing.jpg (205672 bytes)    2008 Reunion Sacramento - Marty Jill dancing.jpg (221137 bytes)


2008 Reunion Sacramento - Vicki dancing.jpg (219275 bytes)        DSC02211.JPG (1476924 bytes)


MHS_2008_reunion_Fri_Sat_Sun_Pics_137.JPG (245160 bytes)    2008 Reunion Sacramento - Ruby Ned dancing Wendie in background.jpg (237837 bytes)        2008 Reunion Sacramento - Mary attacking Flip.jpg (227190 bytes)


DSC02177.JPG (1205953 bytes)    DSC02181.JPG (1359411 bytes)



Link to the Radisson website

Not too far from the hotel - about two miles - is the Arden Fair Mall.

Radisson Hotel Sacramento Reunion 2008.jpg (284194 bytes)

Visiting Sacramento  Sacramento on Wikipedia  City Guide  Google Map of Sacramento

Here is the full text of the flier on the reunion:

California, here we come!

Get ready to join old and new friends for our first-ever West Coast reunion...


Core dates:  Thursday, July 24 through Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Radisson Hotel Sacramento is our host.  This is a lovely property whose centerpiece is a lake surrounded by about half of the 307 rooms.  On site is a great pool and social area, restaurant, and lounge/gameroom.  Near by is a water park, outdoor walking/bicycling/exercise trails, and a major mall for shopping to which the hotel will provide a free shuttle.

Sacramento, the capital of California, is home to many museums, including the largest train museum in North America, which is located in historic Old Sacramento on the river.  Within an hour or two are three wine country areas, the famous Gold Country, and river rafting on the American River.  A short train ride will take you to San Francisco for the day.  So plan now to add on a few days to your trip.  Visit for more information on all the exciting things to do in the area.

It promises to be a memorable weekend, so send in your registration now, reserve your hotel room, and look forward to a fabulous reunion.

REUNION REGISTRATION:  Your registration form is enclosed.  Send all registrations to MHS/THS Reunion, c/o Carmen Adams, P.O. Box 464, Homer, GA 30547.

REGISTER AS EARLY AS YOU CAN!  Early registration saves you money.  If your registration is postmarked by January 32, 2008, full registration will be $145 per person.  From February 1 through June 20, 2008, it's $175 per person.  We have a deadline to commit to the hotel both on the number of hotel rooms and on food and beverage service.  After that deadline, we forfeit certain options.  therefore, registering before June 30 is very important.  After that date, full registrations, of necessity, will be $215 per person, and there is no guarantee that all of the meals/drinks/other amenities normally included in the registration fee will be available.  Why pay more and possibly get less?  Also, please note that no personal checks will be accepted after June 30 for late registrations; we will accept cash or money orders only.  Register early and please avoid registering on site!

IF YOU'RE NOT SURE YOU CAN MAKE IT:  Don't put off registering until you're sure!  It will cost you much less to register early, an cancel if you have to, than it will to register later.

HELP SPREAD THE WORD:  To make sure all your friends get reunion information, please send us their names and mailing addresses so we can include them in the database.  (If you did not get this flyer by mail directly from us, you are not in the database and we will not be able to keep in touch with you and tell you about future reunions.)  Please send all the database information to M/THSA, P.O. Box 5925, Vallejo, CA 94591-5925.

CORE DATES; WHAT'S INCLUDED:  As in the past, although the core dates are Thursday through Sunday (July 24-27), we expect many people will choose to arrive a day or two early.  In fairness to all, however, the registration fee covers only events on the core dates.  At a minimum your registration fee will include the Thursday night "Teen Club," the Friday night reception (with food), and "Teen Club," the Saturday evening dinner/dance, and the Sunday morning breakfast.  Except for the Sunday breakfast, reunion activities will be open to adults only (age 21 and over).  Details will come in the confirmation packet described below (Friends of Bill W. will be meeting at the hotel.)

Registration fees support certain fixed reunion expenses, including DJs, printing and mailing of this and other reunion materials, some costs associated with site investigation, and other administrative costs, such as finding people and keeping in touch with them in between reunions so we can tell them about reunions when the time comes.  If you have any comments about reunion costs and any specific realistic suggestions on how to reduce them, you may contact John Dolan-Heitlinger at johnATdolan-heitlingerDOTcom or by phone at (305) 92-1208 (Please do not call after 10 PM Eastern time).

SPOUSES AND CHILDREN:  Adults (including your children aged 21 and over) may register for the entire reunion; children under 21 are invited to the Sunday breakfast only.  The confirmation packet described below will include an "add-on" form for registering children.  The add-on form can also be used to add your spouse/significant other/friend, but you may want to include him or her in your initial registration in order to get the "early bird" rate.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  We hope no one has to cancel, but if you do, the only penalty will be a $10 cancellation fee if your cancellation is received (at the same address for registrations) by June 30, 2008.  If your cancellation is received after June 30, you'll get a 50% refund, except that if you fail to cancel by July 11, or simply don't show up, there will be no refund.  (Details on how to cancel will be in your confirmation packet.)

CONFIRMATION PACKET:  After you register, you will receive a confirmation packet detailing all you will need to know about "Summer Knights in Sacramento."  We plan to start mailing confirmation packets sometime in Spring 2008 (probably late March or early April).

HOTEL RATES AND RESERVATIONS:  We were able to negotiate the same standard room rate as in 2002 and 2005.  Our special rates are $99 per night for standard rooms and $119 for lakeside rooms.  Both rates are for up to four persons per room, and are subject to local taxes and fees (currently 12.5%) and a tourism improvement assessment (currently $1.25 per night).  These rates are guaranteed only until June 30, or until our room block is filled, which ever comes first.  We therefore suggest you reserve as soon as possible -- you can always cancel without penalty up to 6 pm the day before arrival.  For those of you who choose to stay longer or want to make this a family vacation, our special room rates are valid (depending on availability) beginning July 20 and ending July 30.

It's easy to make a room reservation.  Call the Sacramento Hotel Radisson at 916-922-2020, or central reservations at 800-333-3333, and specifically say "Madrid/Torrejon High School Reunion."  A credit card number, or a cash deposit of the first night's lodging, will be required to guarantee your reservation.

AIR TRAVEL:  At this time there is no official air carrier for this reunion.  If we do arrange for an official carrier, information will be in your confirmation packet.

REUNION VOLUNTEERS:  We need volunteers before, during, and after the reunion.  If you would like to help, please check the appropriate box on the registration form and we will contact you.  Gracias!

QUESTIONS:  You can reach Reunion Registrar Carmen Adams at (706) 335-3311.  Please call before 10 pm Eastern time.  If Carmen is not in when you call, you can try again, or leave a time and number she can call you back collect.



MHS 2008 Reunion Registration Form.jpg (533726 bytes)



Top 11 Reasons to Come to a Madrid/Torrejón High School Reunion

Posted with permission (pending receipt of his email saying so) of John Detlinger.

11. You discover that a Guardia hat still makes you a little nervous.

10. You discover that the really tall senior from your Freshman year is your height.

9. You get a chance to dance in ways that you would never do in front of your children or grandchildren.

8. You find that your husband or wife enjoys our reunions more than they enjoy their own reunions.

7. You find that going down is easier than coming up.

6. You find out that the girl or guy you never had the courage to ask out really always wanted to go out with you.

5. You discover that the "H" in hola is silent.

4. You can fall in love with your past all over again.

3. It's the best and cheapest group therapy you'll ever have.

2. The children you bring to the reunion have a whole new strange respect for you after talking with your high school friends.

1. You discover that you come from the best small town America ever created.




Rinconete y Cortadillo is one of the most delightful of Cervantes' works. Its two young vagabonds come to Seville, attracted by the riches and disorder that the sixteenth-century commerce with the Americas had brought to that metropolis. There they come into contact with a brotherhood of thieves, the Thieves' Guild, led by the unforgettable Monipodio, whose house is the headquarters of the Sevillian underworld. Under the bright Andalusian sky, people and objects take form with the brilliance and subtle drama of a Velázquez.[citation needed] A distant and discreet irony endows the figures, insignificant in themselves, as they move within a ritual pomp that is in sharp contrast with their morally deflated lives. The solemn ritual of this band of ruffians is all the more comic for being presented in Cervantes' drily humorous style.


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